About us

Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for ventilation and heating, with biggest impact on quality, safety, economy and ecology.

In all fields of our business, we strive to meet Your expectations:

  • production process begins with appropriate tests and research in our own laboratories and in cooperation with institutes like Silesian Technical University and Rzeszow University of Technology,
  • our products are developed basing on advanced design techniques and simulations, with the usage of most advanced CAD tools like FloEFD software by Mentor Graphic,
  • on each step of production quality is controlled, starting from purchase of materials ending on product packaging,
  • we care about your safety – all our products are certified and meet the legal requirements (including CE marking),
  • we are proud to have modern technological base, highly developed machine park as well as wide storage facilities,
  • we employ highly qualified staff of professionals who develop their knowledge by systematic training,
  • we care about environment – use and promote innovative solutions minimalizing energy consumption,
  • in our activities we always follow principles of social and business ethic.

Our company is a team of enthusiasts, our ideas and innovative solutions often determine further development of chimney and ventilation market. A lot of products and solutions have been patented. We strictly follow the quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Our goal is to offer  complex, advanced and innovative devices of highest quality.

We are always open for Your suggestions – Your satisfaction is our priority.  


Management and Staff of Darco Sp. z o.o.





Innovations of Darco

Turbowent Chimney cowl (1995) – is a device, which, in a dynamic way, uses force of wind to increase chimney draught.
Until today these are most recognized products of DARCO.
Their quality, durability and efficiency are appreciated by Customers in many European countries.


Hot Air Distribution System (2001) – complex, energy-saving fireplace hot air distribution system allowing to use fireplace as
very efficient and economic heating source for the whole house.
It is very popular way to combine pleasure (view of fire in the fireplace) and utility (effective heating).

Dragon chimney cowl (2005) – patented device, which in dynamic way, uses wind force to increase chimney draught. Thanks to ball bearing system placed outside the cowl and away from high temperatures of fumes it is recommended as an ending of smoke ducts from fireplaces. Technology used in this product
makes its unique and resistant to very difficult working conditions. We can say it is the  most durable chimney cowl on the market.

Hybrid Ventilation System (2005) - patented solution, cowl using force of wind to increase chimney draught, but when wind is not strong enough electric motor provides proper efficiency. Stable ventilation for less than 0,01 EUR a day ? – yes, it is possible..


Fireplace humidification system (2008) – simple and reliable system of humidifying air heated by the fireplace. It makes usage of fireplace more comfortable and healthy.  
Mild steel chimney connections (2008) – alternative to fireplace chimney connections made with chrome-nickel heat-resistant steel sheet. Durable material (steel sheet thickness 2 mm), heat-resistant, odorless SENOTHERM  coating make it a great product at good value.  

Chimney draught control system (2009) – unique system for securing  optimal level of pressure in chimney duct no matter of chimney height, its cross-section, influence of wind or other factors. System provides comprehensive solution for proper burning in stove or fireplace, assuring optimal fuel consumption.


Hot air ventilator “ECO” series (2010) – first ventilators for hot air distribution  equipped with electronically commutated (EC) motors. Innovation assuring low energy consumption, easy steering as well as unique mounting options and low noise level.


Photo-grille (2012) – first in the world fully personalized fireplace grille. Unique way to achieve high quality image on a
grille without losing its functionality. Applied for patent protection.

SPK bent elbows 2.0 mm (2013) – aesthetical chimney connections for self standing stoves, available in widest range on the market.  

Stabilizer (2014) – stabilizes and limits airflow in ventilation ducts. Installation of Stabilizer allows to reduce heating costs by limiting
exhaust airflow to certain levels no matter of conditions influencing working of the ventilation system (temperature differences, wind blowing etc).


Hybrid Solar Turbowent (2015)  - rotary chimney cowl equipped with electric motor and a photovoltaic panel. It is powered by two forces of nature: wind and solar energy.
It is also available in “Tulipan” version.


Single-pipe hybrid ventilation system (2016) – innovative, fully complex system of ventilation made with: chimney cowl, stabilizer, air intake sets as well as ventilation fittings dedicated for multi-family buildings. It allows creating stable and fully controlled system operation similar to mechanical ventilation, at the same time maintaining simplicity and low costs of natural ventilation.