DARCO company has been established in 1992, though its origins are much older. In the very beginning, in 1979, there was a small shop, owned by Mr. Henryk Darlak, father of Jozef Darlak, future founder of Darco. They both started producing roof coverings, gutters and hooks out of sheet metal. This kind of products are no longer manufactured, as the company in 1992 switched the production to ventilation and chimney technologies. That year chimney liners and first rotary chimney cowls were introduced. Until now the chimney cowl -Turbowent is the most recognized Darco product on the market.

In 2001 production in Pustków Osiedle launched.  Purchase of modern CNC machines for sheet metal forming resulted in development of new manufacturing techniques, increase in production level and extending range of products. Each year product offer evolved. In 2001 brand new system had been introduced: complete, energy saving system of hot air distribution, allowing fireplace to be used as efficient heating source for the whole house. System is fully compatible, cost efficient and easy to install, what makes it great supplement to an existing heating system. Darco has the widest and most complex offer of this assortment on the market.

In 2002 Darco implemented a Quality Management System according to the ISO 9001 norm, what was audited and certified by BVC Poland.

In 2004 company launched another unique solution to the market – hybrid ventilation system – providing low-cost, efficient and eco-friendly ventilation.

In 2005 the company started working on the new building located in Dębica, Metalowców 43 – building with the area of more than 7 th. m2 was to be basis for further development of the company. In 2005,  Darco exhibited for the first time at  the largest trade fair in the HVAC market – ISH Frankfurt.

2005 brought further development and new products such as chimney cowl for fume exhaust from fireplaces as well as air intake set with heater -  a unique solution for air supply.

Later that year Darco first complex technical products catalogue was published. Also a manual of hot air distribution system from fireplace was published. It was the first on the market and most complex approach to the subject (all these publications are availableon our website).

2006 was full of trade fair events, including Poznań Installation Fair as well as Mostra Expocomfort Milan, fair visited by more than 170 thousands of people.

In March of 2007 we exhibited at ISH Frankfurt trade fair again, developing our presence on the European market.

In 2007 the relocation took place, old factory was closed and moved to the location in Debica Metalowcow 43. From that time on, Dębica is the main production plant and logistic department. At the same time in Pustków Osiedle production plant was expanded.

In 2007 production of 2mm mild steel connections started, until now it is a significant segment of Darco product range.

2008 brought another novelties: hybrid chimney cowl Turbowent NET  (steered by a PC software) and unique chimney draught control system. Both of them were presented on trade fair in Poznań as well as on the biggest trade fair for fireplaces – Progetto Fuoco Verona.

In 2009 further expansion of Darco production and infrastructure in the location in Debica took place. In the same time another set of interesting products were introduced – chimney draught regulators and damper knobs.

In 2011 we ended up a big investment – building of Logistic Center in Dębica. New warehouse, that can contain  more than 7 thousand pallets and has total area of 4,5 thousand m2, was completed. Functionality and space of the new center not only gave us chance to service shipments better, but also allowed more complex production planning. Same year we launched new, energy-saving hot air ventilator called ANeco.

2015 brought a lot of changes, we launched new logo and changed the company address. Production plant in Pustków was closed transferred to a brand new 8 th m2production plant in Dębica.

We are not stopping and next years will definitely bring more developments in ventilation and chimney sector. Innovation is our philosophy, so keep checking on our website, where we are posting the latest news from the company life.

Starting as a family company 1980

First Darco plant in Debica 1994

Darco branch in Pustkow Osiedle 2002

ISO Certificate 2002

Exhibition on Instalacje 2008 Trade Fair

Exhibition at the ISH 2009

Main Darco plant in Debica