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DARCO catalogue 2017


We invite you to order or download it. Paper version can be obtained by sending an e-mail to : .

SRC Draught Regulator Box


Interesting and worth recommending way of mounting the draught regulator is by placing it on the combustion air supplying duct to the fireplace or stove.

New products 2015


Darco presents-NEW PRODUCTS fot the 2015

Terminal - new item in chimney connections SPKP and SKS


Terminal- new item in chimney connections for pellet stoves <SPKP> and single -walled flue system <SKS> Available diameter-Ø80 .Product code:

Silicone rosette - new item in chimney connections for pellet stoves SPKP


Silicone rosette - new item in chimney connections for pellet stoves <SPKP>

New products 2014


Darco presents new products 2014:

Does your ventilation grille make heat and your money leak out?- Use the Stabiler!


How, then, can the negative outcomes of uncontrolled natural ventilation (excessive indoor cooling) be minimized without covering of ventilation grilles which is very dangerous ? USE THE STABILER. Main purpose of this device is to reduce an excessive

Bent elbows-new elements of SPK


BENT ELBOWS -new elements of chimney connection system SPK ( made with mild steel sheet type DC01).

DWG access door


The DWG access door provides easy access to the hood, at the same time ensuring continuity of insulation and not affecting the aesthetic value of the whole fireplace system. With most fireplace systems, such access is of great importance; all servicing a

New Hybrid Cowl  - Turbowent PLUS


Hybrid Turbowent PLUS is a brand new concept in hybrid ventilation systems. As all hybrid chimney cowls, Hybrid Turbowent PLUS devices use force of the wind to increase chimney draught, when wind is not strong enough – low power electric motor is used to

Innovative, universal fireplace frame


Universal fireplace frame WK-RWKR-1 suits almost all fireplace inserts. Perfect for modern, stylish interior designs

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