Rotary chimney cowls

Wind makes them rotate and create chimney draught in ventilation ducts.


Rotary chimney cowls are devices, which, in a dynamic way, use force of the wind to increase chimney draught. The turbine always rotates in the same direction no matter of the wind strength or its direction. They are to be mounted on gravitation based ventilation chimney duct endings. 

Types of rotary chimney cowls



diameter 150 [mm] – designed to be mounted on ducts which are close to each other


diameters 150 – 300 [mm] - designed mainly to be mounted on individual housing as well as blockhouse's ventilation channels 


diameters 400 – 500 [mm] - designed for industrial ventilation and for multi storey buildings  

Turbowent with external bearings diameters 150 - 200 [mm] - designed to increase chimney draught in smoke ducts


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Thanks to its unique construction it can be mounted on ducts which are very close to each other.     no...
Efficiently creates chimney draught using force of the wind.     no electricity 2 years warranty...
Chimney cowl dedicated for multiple ventilation ducts and industrial ventilation     no electricity 2 years...
Not only for ventilation, but also for fume exhaustion!     no electricity 2 years warranty...