Chimney bases

They allow chimney cowls to be mounted on various roof types and chimney endings.


Chimney bases allow to connect various types of chimney cowls to the chimney.

Different types of bases are designed in order to create the best possible solution for tight and secure connection to the roof or chimney.


Among chimney bases we can find:

Dismountable bases

for mounting of chimney cowls type –R

Bases with insulation closing

for insulated chimney extensions

Chimney bases –B

chimney bases made in accordance to Polish Standards

Multiple duct reducing bases

for covering of many chimney ducts

Angular bases

for mounting on sloping roofs

Force-in mounting base

for push-in mounting (no tools needed)


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  • ventilation
  • smoke extraction



They allow to mount chimney cowls R- type....
Used for chimney extensions made with double walled insulated chimneys....
Standarised bases (made against appropriate norms) to mount different types of cowls. Esspecialy on industrial...
Allows cowls to work as a multiple duct terminal....
Roof flashings allow to mount different type of cowls onto a slope roof.  ...
They allow to connect cowls to a round chimney ending in a very easy way - by pushing the base into the duct....