SPK - Chimney connections

Most popular way of connecting stoves, fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances to the chimney.


Chimney connection system is used for building chimney connections (connecting stove with chimney duct), it is made with mild steel sheet type DC01.
It is recommended as a smoke extraction duct from solid fuels burning devices, where the temperature can rise up to 1000o C.


Caution! Pipe elements are welded with laser technology, that guarantees  highest connection quality, aesthetics and tightness.


Technical data

Avaliable diameters: 120, 130, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220, 250 [mm]
Material: Mild steel sheet type DC01, painted with Senotherm heat-resistant paint
Max continous working temperature: 600 [ºC]
Max working temperature: 1000 [ºC]
Warranty: 2 years



Connections between elements should be sealed with a special, resistant to 1200 [ºC] sealant.

Take a look at a short movie showing Darco elbow compared with a low  quality one.



  • for building chimney connections (connecting stove with chimney duct)


  • easy and simple mounting process
  • long working life
  • avaliable in two colours: black (standard) and cast grey (for individual order)
  • possibility of applying as a connectors to stoves fired with wide spectrum of solid fuels 
  • can not work as a chimney duct


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