CAGI-type cowl

Classic static chimney cowl for ventilation or gas flues.


no electricity

2 years warranty

 product  protected



Static chimney cowl CAGI is a device, which uses the dynamic force of the wind to increase the chimney draught. The head creates a pressure difference forcing the air in the duct to move up. It is to be mounted on gravitation based chimney ducts endings: ventilation or flue-gas heating (dry fumes).


!   This cowl, as all cowls of Darco production, is openable, which allows the cowl to be opened easily in case of cleaning purpouses.



Technical data

Available diameters: 100 - 400 [mm]
Base versions: See catalogue card
Material versions: See catalogue card
Max working temperature: 180 [ºC]
Warranty: 2 years


*)  In case of diameters 350 and 400mm following bases are available: inlet pipe and base with collar (version with square base – unavailable).



  • when there are wind fluctuations on the chimney duct ending, caused by its bad location 
  • when there is an unfavorable terrain configuration, with strong and frequent winds 
  • when there is a lack of chimney draught or it is too weak
  • in order to improve the natural (gravitation) ventilation.



galvanized steel sheet



chrome-nickel steel sheet


gas and oil boilers

do not use on coal based fuel







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