DA - type cap

To be mounted on a pipe, protects from rainwater.

no electricity

2 years warranty



DA - type cap is a device which protects the chimney duct from rain or snow. It is to be mounted on gravitation based (natural) ventilation or flue (gas, oil) ducts. It is equipped with special clamp that allows it to be mounted on ventilation or flue pipes in easy way.

!   This cowl, as all cowls of Darco production, is openable, which allows the cowl to be opened easily in case of cleaning purpouses


Technical data

Available diameters: 100 - 250 [mm]
Base versions: See catalogue card
Material versions: See catalogue card
Max working temperature: 180 [ºC]
Warranty: 2 years




  • protects the chimney duct from rain or snow 
  • protection from birds nesting



galvanized steel sheet



chrome-nickel steel sheet

  ventilation  gas and oil boilers

do not use on coal based fuel