Provide fresh air to the building, designed esspecialy to be mounted above or next to the windows


Air intake set provides fresh air into the building. It is to be mounted in the outside wall. It is equipped with an air intake, main channel and a
flap valve. Air intake is an outer element that assures protection: from rainwater, it is also equipped with wire mesh against rodents. On the side mounted inside the building air intake set is equipped with a flap valve with insulation, that disperses incoming air as well as allows to regulate the airflow precisely. Insulation prevents from water vapor condensation in winter as well as reduces noise. Air intake set is connected with flap valve with a channel of adjustable
length, that allows to adjust device to wall of 280÷550 mm thicknesses. Air intake set can be additionally equipped with a special directional valve that protects from backflow.

Technical data

Type: NP1, NPS1, NP2, NPS2
Measurements: See catalogue card
Material: See catalogue card
Warranty: 2 years




  • fresh air supply to the building 
  • air supply to the combustion process in the boiler rooms 
  • fresh air supply to technic rooms, warehouses, etc.