ARO - automatic motor speed controller

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Motor speed controller ARO measures temperature in the fireplace hood with a special thermal probe (the temperature is shown on a LCD display) and sets the speed of the hot air ventilator.
ARO measures the temperature in the fireplace hood and sets the hot air ventilator motor speed in two modes: Manual (MAN) and Automatic (AUTO).
In manual mode (MAN) the speed can be set in scale of 0 .. 10, where 0 means turning the motor off and 10 means maximal rotating speed value. Temperature measured by the probe has no influence on the motor rotating speed.
In automatic mode (AUTO) speed of the motor is being automatically adjusted to the temperature measured by the probe. Above 40oC the ventilator is being turned on at the minimal speed. The speed increases proportionally to the rise of temperature, achieving its maximal value at 80oC.
After switching the ARO off (with the ON/OFF button, or in case of lack of electricity supply) the actual mode and speed set is remembered and restored after switching the device on again.


Technical data

Maximum motor power 300 W
Power supply 230V/50Hz
Operating temperature 0-50ºC
Thermal probe KTY84*
Fuse 3,15A/250V
Thermal probe  KTY84*
Temp.  measuring range 0-99°C ± 1o
Protection level  IP20
Dimensions  148x81x60
Front panel colour  white
Weight 0.4 kg

 * max. temp. 150oC




 - steering of rotation speed of AN hot air ventilator- MANUAL and AUTOMATIC MODE