K..Kr - chimney lateral outlets shield grate


Lateral outlets shield grates are an aesthetical covering of the ventilation air-holes on the chimney. Special Easy-Mounting system consists of: mounting the frame into the air hole in a solid way and putting the shield grate on it, the grate clicks into the frame. This way of mounting allows the grate to be removed and put back on easily (in case of, for example, cleaning). All shield grates of this type are made with stainless steel. 

Technical data

Availabile outer dimensions:

135 x 195 [mm]    K1Kr

175 x 195 [mm]    K2Kr

175 x 245 [mm]    K3Kr

Material versions:

chrome - nickel stainless steel 1.4301

chrome - nickel stainless steel  1.4301 powder coated




  • protects the chimney lateral outlets from birds nesting