RO-200 (under surface mounted)


Motor speed controller RO-200 is used to control rotating speed of single - phase motors. It can be used in situation where the motor speed is governed by adjusting the effective voltage given to the winding.

Unit is dedicated to adjust speed of AN hot air ventilators and GCK draught generators  made by Darco Sp. z o.o.

No. Technical data Value
1. Maximum motor power  [W]   200        
2. Power supply ~230 V / 50 Hz
3 Adjustment range  [% of full motor speed] 10-100
4. Ambient temperature [°C]    0-40
5. Dimensions  [mm] 81x81x71



- steering of rotating speed of single-phase motors
- steering of AN air hot ventilator speed
- steering of GCK draught generator speed