Trade conditions of Darco

Trade conditions of Darco

I. Co-operation with Darco:
If you are interested in starting a co-operation with Darco please visit our website at “Distributors” bookmark, call: +48 14 680 90 93 or e-mail:

II. Information for the ordering party:

  1. With order placing the usage of symbols and descriptions used in Darco’s catalogue or price list is recommended in order to avoid any possibilities of making a mistake.
  2. Most of products are available in many material versions, however, if the product should be made with a different material than the one described in catalogue, it must be marked in the order.
  3. With non-standard orders at least a sketch with all important measurements should be attached, as well as the desired characteristics of the product.
  4. It is necessary to have a phone number or e-mail address where Darco can reach the person, that have made the order to confirm your order or explain any doubts.

III. Order execution:

  1. All catalogue products orders are prepared within a 7-14 working days from the date of order. All orders are confirmed with an e-mail sent to the e-mail address of the ordering party. These conformations should be carefully read and, if any questions occur, Darco shall be contacted to avoid mistakes.
  2. Delivery times and trade conditions are confirmed by the sales person responsible for contact with the Customer.
  3. In case the products are not on the warehouse the realization of the order can take more time. The ordering party will be informed about that.
  4. In case of orders for non-typical products, delivery times are set individually by the Darco sales representative responsible for contact with the Customer.
  5. The manufacturer is not responsible for delays caused by factors that are out its working field (e.g. caused by the transport company).

IV. Delivery:

  1. Transport is made by Darco own transport or with the usage of a forwarding company (Raben or Schenker) with the lowest possible transport fee. Transport can be made also following the Customers guidelines.
  2. Transport costs are invoiced and added to the cost of products unless the trade conditions are stated other way.

V. Payment:

  1. With new customers the payment method is 100% prepayment prior to delivery (against a proforma invoice).
  2. For our regular customers payment conditions and price discounts are individually negotiated.
  3. All non-typical products are calculated individually.
  4. To each shipment a warehouse document and a VAT invoice is attached, upon request an invoice can be also sent by Post or e-mail. EU taxpayers are asked to submit the proper VAT number so a preferential VAT rate can be used. Due to tax law requirements, we ask to write and stamp the invoice copy and send it back to us.
  5. Delayed payment can be set after a confirmation from the Darco Sales team representative responsible for contact with the Customer. All delayed payments are subject of insurance with the Euler Hermes company, in case Darco receives a negative response for the application, delayed payment may not be granted.

VI. Warranty:

  1. Darco gives warranty for the proper working of the product according to the technical conditions described in the instruction manual.
  2. Warranty assures free of charge repayment of the defects caused by imperfect parts and production defects.

Warranty conditions:

  1. A vital condition for the Customer to fulfill the warranty is to send the damaged product to Darco (this can be arranged by Darco at its cost) along with a correctly filled warranty card and a purchase receipt.
  2. The consumer has a right to have his product replaced with a new one if it was already damaged two times and is broken for the third time.
  3. The warranty expires and the producer takes no responsibility for the damages caused by the following: 
    • damages caused by imperfect loading or transport, mounting not following the instruction manual
    • damages caused by fire, flood, thunder or other acts of nature
    • dismantling, repairing or changing parts without the producers permission
    • lack of proper maintenance (not following this instruction manual)
  4. Detailed warranty conditions are described in the instruction manuals for each product.
  5. In cases not mentioned by these regulations, standard Polish regulations apply (Dz.U. Nr 141, pos. 1176 from 27.07.2002).